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Giá : 5,843 Drum (440lb) 133.074.325

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TS-264 SeaSafe EP Grease (Biodegradable) [Ts264;264;Skid Grease;
1 Gallon Tub

TS-264 SeaSafe EP Grease (Biodegradable) [Ts264;264;Skid Grease;

TS-264 SeaSafe(TM) EP Skid Grease is used for skidding steel-on-steel rails or steel on wood timbers in an environmentally sensitive area. It is a biodegradable grease without petroleum oils and with molybdenum disulfide for skidding operations where grease comes into contact with water. TS-264 has passed the portocols of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



TS-264 is designed for lubricating any type of rail that, in particular, may result in the lubricant's becoming immersed in water. Examples of applications include skidding vessels into the water from a shipyard or skidder ways of offshore drilling rigs where grease may be washed overboard during cleanup.

TS-264 used by J. Ray McDermott,
Morgan City, Louisiana
An offshore oil production jacket.
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TS-264 is environmentally safe according to the test criteria developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.* TS-264contains low friction, non-petroleum oils, molybdenum disulfide, and other solids to combine biodegradability with superior lubricating qualities. Once skidding activity is complete, the biodegradable TS-264 Skid Grease can be washed off for safer personnel activities in the skidder area.


Viscosity Kinematic, cSt,       (ASTM D 445) 
Pour Point, 0F (ASTM D 97)39.2
Flash Point, COC, 0F (ASTM D92)420.0
NLGI Grade2 1/2
Penetration, unworked (ASTM D 217), range250-270
Four Ball Weld Test (ASTM D 2596) 
   Weld Load400 kg
   Load wear index85
  Allowable bearing pressure(without wear)62,077 PSI
Four ball wear test (ASTM D 2266, modified) 
  Wear scar0.69mm
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D 2714 Block on Ring Friction Test) 
Lubricating solids20%


How many pails do you need?

 1.  Calculate in feet. V=a x h           

Where: v= volume; h= height in feet of film of grease applied; a= area coverage in square feet; p= 0.65 cubic feet of TS-264 per pail.

2.  Divide: v/p to obtain number of 5 gallon pails required.


* Passed: Acute Toxicity to Mysidopsis bahia, by the Water-Soluble Fraction of lubricating Solid, conducted according to methods specified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which were modified for petroleum-based solids (EPA: Neff, J.M. and J.W. Anderson, 1981) 96-hour static nonrenewable definitive test.

* Passed: Determination of "Free Oil" of a lubricating solid by use of a Static Sheen Test, conducted according to methods originally specified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, 1993), but which had been modified.

** Biodegradability in sea water following OECD Guideline 306 (Closed Bottle Method), 28 day test.


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